Editorial: oSoTL 2(1)

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Dale, V., Barr, M. and Tasler, N. 2022. Editorial: oSoTL 2(1) . Open Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. 2, 1 (Oct. 2022), i-ii. DOI:https://doi.org/10.56230/osotl.60.


We open this issue with a thought-provoking and creative article that seeks to disrupt the dominant discourse of neoliberalism through Critical Reflective Practice (CPR). Through a process of mirror-writing, Wood employs the voice of Malcolm, a disillusioned school-teacher of History, who experiences moments of joy, resistance and hope on encountering a Renaissance text, I secreti de la signora Isabella Cortese. These moments are deftly captured in quatrains using the iambic pentameter. In The secret art of pedagogical alchemy, Wood allows us to hold a mirror up to our own teaching practice, discovering hope and joy, and encouraging us to question capitalist values in education and hegemony in the curriculum, resulting in giving hope to individual learners, enabling them to become empowered global citizens.


We hope you enjoy this issue and would like to take this opportunity to thank again all our contributors for sharing their valuable work, and our conscientious reviewers for their expertise and time.

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