Pragmatism in practice: Bricolage as a methodological framework for SoTL



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Honeychurch, S. 2023. Pragmatism in practice: Bricolage as a methodological framework for SoTL. Open Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. 2, 2 (Feb. 2023). DOI:


I begin this paper by discussing some of the issues that scholars face when they begin to make the transition from discipline-based research to SoTL. I take seriously the fear that many feel when attempting to move into what they perceive to be unfamiliar territory and I encourage readers to face their own fears as a first step towards resolving them.  I suggest that, although many scholars are intimidated by the thought of SoTL because they believe that it is totally alien to them, in fact they have gained skills and experience elsewhere that are transferrable into SoTL: the terminology might be unfamiliar, but the practices need not be. In order to explain this, I introduce the concept of bricolage (which, as I understand it, involves taking existing resources and repurposing them) and show how this practice can be used to develop a methodological approach to SoTL.  In so doing I describe a methodology for SoTL that can be adopted and adapted by any scholar, whatever their disciplinary background, and that helps scholars to make the transition from disciplinary research to scholarship of teaching and learning.   I end by giving a set of recommendations for those wanting to use bricolage for themselves, and a call for others to join me in the practice of bricolage.
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